About Event

The “30 Days of AI in Testing Challenge” is an initiative by the Ministry of Testing community. The last time I came across this community was during their “30 Days of Agile Testing” event.

Community Website: https://www.ministryoftesting.com

Event Link: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/30-days-of-ai-in-testing

Event Introduce

Upgrade Your Testing Game throughout March, with the 30 Days of AI in Testing Challenge!

  • March 1 2024 - April 1 2024
  • 00:00 - 23:00 BST
  • Location: Online

Calling all testers, AI enthusiasts, and anyone curious about how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping software quality. Ready to explore the world of AI? This March, we’re launching 30 Days of AI in Testing, and you’re invited to join the mission!

What is it?

Over 30 enlightening days, alongside a vibrant community, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the potential of AI in testing. Each day, we’ll explore and discuss new concepts, tools, and practices that will demystify AI and enhance your testing toolkit.

Why take part?

Incrementally Elevate Your Skills: Each day brings a new, manageable task that builds on the last. Helping you gradually deepen your understanding of AI in testing. Improve Your Testing Efficiency and Effectiveness: Discover the many ways AI can be used to improve your everyday testing, improving your efficiency and effectiveness.

Connect and Collaborate: Engage with a global community of testers and AI enthusiasts on The Club forum, sharing insights, and gaining inspiration and support.

Achieve AI Ambitions: Use this challenge as a stepping stone to reach your AI testing goals. Dip in and tackle the tasks that meet your AI ambitions.

Lead and Inspire: By sharing your AI journey and discoveries during the challenge, you’ll play a crucial role in advancing the knowledge and skills of the community.

How will it work?

Throughout March, a member of team MoT will post a new, short, daily task on The Club forum that’ll enhance your understanding of AI in testing.

You’ll then reply to the topic posts with your responses to each daily task. Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, seek advice, or offer support to others.

Finally, don’t forget to encourage meaningful discussions by engaging with other people’s replies. If you find someone’s response interesting or helpful, hit that ❤️ button and let them know!

Don’t get FOMO; register now! Registering will give you an email reminder for each daily task.

Day 1 Task

For today’s task, we invite you to introduce yourself to the community and share your interest in AI. This is an opportunity to express your curiosities, aspirations, and any goals you hope to achieve throughout this month-long challenge.

Here are some prompts to help guide you:

  • Introduce yourself: Tell us about your background, your role in testing or tech and how you found this community.

  • Your Interest in AI: What initially piqued your interest in AI in testing? Are there any particular areas of AI in testing that you’re eager to learn more about?

  • Your Goals: What do you aim to learn or achieve in this challenge?

How to Take Part

Click the “Take Part” button below and reply to The Club forum post with your introduction, interests and any goals you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, comment or on others’ posts. Building connections and a supportive community is part of making the most of this 30 Days of Testing.

Why Take Part

Kickstart Your AI Journey: By identifying goals, you’re taking the first step towards deepening your understanding of AI in testing and getting the motivation you need to keep learning.

Build Connections: Introduce yourself and start networking with others who share your interest in AI.

Gain Insights: Learn from the diverse perspectives within the community. Discovering the different paths others are taking in AI in testing, sparking ideas for your own journey.


My Day 1 Task


Hello, I’m Nao Deng. You can call me Nao. I am a senior QA at Thoughtworks China. I have 12 years of experience in hardware testing, system testing, software testing, manual testing, API automation testing, UI automation testing, mobile automation testing, performance testing, and project quality assurance.

I also continuously write articles on my personal blog at https://naodeng.com.cn.

I discovered this community during the 30 Days of Agile Testing event.

AI testing has been a topic of continuous interest to me, from the early days of accurate testing to the current generative AI and big models. I aim to learn and invest in the field of AI testing, and implement effective tools or methods to enhance the efficiency of manual and automated testing, including performance testing and improving quality management efficiency.

The purpose of attending this event is to gain ideas and practical experience from other community members about AI testing, and to explore feasible directions for AI testing with the community.