Day 15: Gauge your short-term AI in testing plans

Well done! You’ve made it halfway through our 30 Days of AI in Testing challenge! 🎉

After covering so much content, the midpoint is a great time to take a breather and reflect on our individual readiness to adopt AI in our testing practices. As we’ve discovered in recent tasks, the path to integrating AI into our testing workflows is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual tester may have unique circumstances, priorities, and constraints that shape their adoption readiness.

Today’s task aims to provide a snapshot of our community’s AI adoption readiness by asking a straightforward yet insightful poll.

Task Steps

vote link:

  • 2. Bonus Step: If you’re open to sharing, share your answer to the poll by replying to this post. Explain the reasons behind your choice, such as organisational priorities or resource availability. What specific areas or use cases are you considering, if any?

Why Take Part

  • Share Your Perspective: By contributing your stance and rationale, you contribute to the collective understanding of the community’s inclination towards AI adoption, which can inspire, motivate, and perhaps even shift perspectives on readiness and the pace of change.
  • Learn from Others: Engage in the discussion to gain insights from others’ plans, experiences, and strategies, which can inform and refine your own approach to AI in testing adoption.

My Day 15 Task

1. About Voting

I emphatically cast my vote for “I have already used AI in my testing activities.”

2. About Sharing My Thoughts

Here are the full results of the current vote:

From the results, it appears that most people have already used AI in their testing activities or are planning to use AI.

It’s undeniable, AI is the future, despite the risks and controversies that currently exist.

For me personally, I’ve been using AI in my daily work and life, not just in testing work. From what we’ve seen so far, AI can greatly improve our work efficiency, provided that you use AI correctly, and not just as a simple search tool.

Understanding AI, accepting AI, using AI correctly, and eventually excelling at using AI is a journey we must embark on. I have reason to believe that most job postings in the future will require proficiency in using AI.

About Event

The “30 Days of AI in Testing Challenge” is an initiative by the Ministry of Testing community. The last time I came across this community was during their “30 Days of Agile Testing” event.

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