30 Days of AI in Testing Challenge: Day 17: Automate bug reporting with AI and share your process and evaluation

This blog post is about Day 17 of the 30-Day AI Testing Challenge, looking at automating bug reporting with AI and sharing your personal process and evaluation results. The article may cover the author’s process for automating defect reporting using AI technology, including tool selection, implementation methodology, benefits of automating the process, and evaluation results. By sharing the process and evaluation results of automated defect reporting, readers will learn about the authors’ experiences and lessons learned in practice, as well as the potential of AI technologies to improve the efficiency of defect management. This series promises to provide an opportunity for testing professionals to understand and explore the use of AI to automate defect reporting and to promote technological advancement and innovation in the industry.

March 18, 2024 · 5 min · 1057 words · nao.deng